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Xlights Setup / Re: Complex animatronics
« Last post by bobschm on Today at 02:23:39 PM »
well, that looks promising. After the holidays, I might grab a Mini Maestro board and experiment, The ServoDog runs off the LOR USB dongle so I suspect it's not pure DMX. As long as Xlights can be made to understand VSA, I think I can get it to work.

Ill check back here aft the New Year.
Enhancement Requests / Re: Model data checks
« Last post by AAH on Today at 02:14:40 PM »
Hi Keith
The wiring view shows me that there is an error but unfortunately in the case of the tree face xmodel that I have been playing with it still leaves me with no idea of where in the 80x80 grid containing 308 nodes where the issue is. The wiring view is good once you have no missing numbers but it doesn't help if you have unwanted missing channels or unwanted dupes.
Just trying to post this everywhere I think someone can help.  I posted on falconchristmas, facebook,now here.

Ok, have a BBG on a 4x6 P10. Testing on ground seemed to go fine, all functions normal. Hung on roof now.  Absoulutely no out put from P10 now.

Looked at all settings etc.  Noted that the eMMC flas was still available, usually when flashed, that disappeared. I have a 16GB micro sd card inserted.  After, flashing eMMC, I expanded the ssd card with ext4.

when checking settings on other panels, the sd card(s) show this info.
mmcblk0p1 14.8GB (13.1GB Free)
mmcblk1p1 3.5 GB (0.7 Free) (boot device)

However, my Mid front P10 shows this info on the settings screen.
mmcblk0p1 14.8GB(10.8GB Free) (boot device)  II believe the 10.8 is due to having an fseq loaded for testing, it doesn't work either.
mmcblk1p1 3.6GB 9(not mounted)

I tried selecting the 3.6 (not mounted) and retrying the eMMC falsh again, no good boot device still on 0p1.

I don't have the option of taking the panel down as a lift was used to hang it.

Is there anyway I can try to reformat, reset the card with a reimage and try a flash again then expand the sd card? This is while the panel is installed on my roof. I can see it on the network just fine.

Otherwise I'm dead in the water on this panel, 80% of show was using this panel.   Desperate for solution if possible Dan etal.

Thank You.
Do You Need Help? Post it here / Re: run time error
« Last post by dave on Today at 01:20:18 PM »
I did install  the latest last night. I am now on .42 and haven't had a problem yet.
You need to head over to the falcon Christmas forum where they have information on how to do this. XLights can do a countdown but because it is created when you render the sequence it is rarely what people want.
Do You Need Help? Post it here / Re: run time error
« Last post by keithsw1111 on Today at 11:56:11 AM »
Please ensure you are on .42. .41 did do that.
Enhancement Requests / Re: Text - One time only
« Last post by keithsw1111 on Today at 11:55:22 AM »
I donít understand this request. Are you talking about the text effect or scheduler. And I am not sure even if you clarified that I understand what you are trying to achieve.
Enhancement Requests / Re: Model data checks
« Last post by keithsw1111 on Today at 11:52:51 AM »
Both exist already.  Check sequence will complain about missing numbers and the wiring view will show both. Missing numbers result in discontinuities in the line and duplicates result in no line at all.

Check sequence will not highlight duplicates because it isnít an error. If you were doing dumb lights it is exactly what you would do.
Has anyone used the countdown effect with success?
The Water Cooler / Re: Old school Reindeer want to be upgraded
« Last post by Ebuechner on Today at 09:20:06 AM »

This would be a possibility.
Also look through Ray Wu store to see if there is an item that might better fit your needs.
I know he sells the translucent silicone sleeve separate.
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