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My Show Setup / Re: 2D Pixel Tree examples
« Last post by jnealand on Today at 02:49:20 PM »
I would be very weary of 1" spacing with a mega tree, because

1. That density would be way too bright even with brightness turned down in the controller, just because of the density.
2. You will not have anything close to 1" spacing horizontally.  I believe it is better to have the horizontal and vertical spacing close to the same.  A mega tree has variable spacing so it would be best to match something around the middle height of the tree.  If you end up with 6" horizontal spacing at the bottom then you have roughly 3" spacing in the middle of the tree.  I don't use much in the way of images or text on my 3 pixel trees, but with 3" spacing I think they look fine.  YMMV.
3. 1" spacing is more costly, more time consuming to build, requires more power, more controller committment, etc, etc.  But it is your commitment and your tree.

I would try 2" spacing first.  Just my 2 cents.
My Show Setup / Re: 2D Pixel Tree examples
« Last post by KenKol on Today at 02:23:24 PM »
 Where did you buy the silicon filled strips?

Maybe someone has a picture/video of the bullet strap setup running so I can see the differences
My Show Setup / Re: 2D Pixel Tree examples
« Last post by keithsw1111 on Today at 01:27:22 PM »
   I went with the silicone filled version of the strip. I had only one failure due to a solder joint on my 16 strand tree ... and we get summer rain and thunder storms.
My Show Setup / Re: 2D Pixel Tree examples
« Last post by babybear on Today at 12:56:22 PM »
Wow its nice to see someone with the same issues that I have had. Ok don't take that wrong . I used a lot of strips last few years in my display. once the rainy weather turned into snow and freezing weather all was well. but before just as you I could not keep the water out. This year I gave away all my strips and replaced with bullets, just over 10,000 of them. My large tree is 150 nodes tall by 24 strands wide. Yes 1 inch on center. with in the next few weeks I will be setting it up and will be getting pix and videos. I will be sharing them with all. the worst case is the latest setup time will be X-mas in July. last weekend in July that is. 
My Show Setup / 2D Pixel Tree examples
« Last post by KenKol on Today at 10:40:00 AM »
Last year, I had usec the pixel strips to make a 12 strand 2D Pixel Tree. I had used the strips that are in the silicon sleeve and it just seems that whatever I try, I cannot get them 100% sealed and some water seeps in and causes havoc and I end up replacing it with another strip. I was looking for examples of either ways to seal these or a complete rebuild using pixels and boscoyo straps with 1 inch spacing. I have had zero issues with pixels in my yard all winter long but my concern is that these pixels, being "bigger" then the strip pixels, it may look odd/wierd when displaying pictures and words. Does someone have an example of a 2D tree done using the 1" spacing straps.

I plan on using about 85 pixels on each strap which comes out to just over 7 feet tall. The strips would be around 75 pixels (half of a standard roll) and be closer to eight feet tall. I could go the full 96 pixels and come out at 8 feet and that would be good as well. but before I fully commit, I want to see what it would look like first.
Do You Need Help? Post it here / Re: Video and LYrics out of sync
« Last post by Gilrock on Today at 06:12:33 AM »
Well I do this operation every time I give my Singing Faces training.  I select a block of lyrics/words/phonemes and I create a copy, paste it, then I move the pasted copy.  So I know this works.  Hard for me to tell how you are attempting to do it.  When you say you "cannot select them and have them stay selected" that means you are able to select them correct?  So what action are you doing that is causing them to become unselected?  Once they are selected if you hold down the Shift key and then grab one of the selected effects they all move as a group.  If that really doesn't work then I guess we need to quit talking about it and you need to actually share the sequence you are dealing with to see if there is something unique about it.
Xlights Setup / Re: Invalid download
« Last post by jnealand on Today at 06:03:41 AM »
I believe .16 was removed on purpose due to severe problems, but the web page does need to be updated.
Do You Need Help? Post it here / Re: Video and LYrics out of sync
« Last post by Boof63 on Today at 05:49:21 AM »
Sorry Gil , but i realise it must be 'FFS' moments when dealing with us fools however....,
unticking all timing tracks -  cannot move lyrics or phonemes -cannot select them and have them stay selected
delete timing  tracks - cannot move lyrics or phonemes
however you can move effects (have block of random effects and can move them)
Using version 17
 will go back several versions  and see if any different:
tried back at version 10- can select lyrics and phonemes- couldn't move them
yes tried large block and small separate sections but no movement.
Apologies for being a pain- any further ideas (or i have found a bug or have i just stuffed up something basic -DOH moment to come?)
Cheers Boof63
Xlights Setup / Invalid download
« Last post by keebler on Today at 04:50:50 AM »
On the downloads page.
the links for the version download goes to a 404 (not valid web address)

2017.16   xLights64_2017_16.exe

other links after 2017.10 work correctly

thank you
Yes I believe there is room for improvement in the software here.  You clearly had a non-existent name but the program was showing a completely different start channel name in the upper pane.
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