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Bucknut Show Setup
« on: January 04, 2018, 04:52:17 PM »
2017 was the first year I ventured into Pixels.  I had been a LOR AC only show for one year prior to that but quickly realized that I like the look of pixels in my show so I am going to start moving towards all pixels over the coming years.

In 2016 I ran
LOR Show Scheduler
3 CTB16PC AC Controllers

In 2017 I ran:
LOR S5(beta)
3 CTB16PC AC controllers
2 CMB24D dumb rob controllers
2 Alphapix 16 pixel controllers
along with 4 LOR 50W floods (integrated controllers)

I mostly bought my sequences as I only decided to put up my ribbon tree, pixel tree, and starburst poles on Nov 26th...  Which was a major change to the AC only sequences that I already had from 2016.  What sequencing I did was in LOR S5 beta since I had no experience with SS, Xlights, etc...

For 2018 I would like to move to all pixels, but budgets may cause a step effect in that direction over the next few years.  I'm kind of kicking myself for not making the initial investment right from the start...

My one day after Christmas college football bowl game show is one the only song I fully sequenced myself.  It was my effort at learning the new S5 beta.

I attached a photo of my current display and of one of my proposed layouts for next year.