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Moving to a larger venue..
« on: January 11, 2018, 08:31:13 PM »
Hi Friends,
This season I tried so hard to keep my visitors respectful.. but they won. I would go out ever 20-30 mins and hand out candy canes, ask people to stay closer to the cones on the side of the road, not block driveways, keep radio down, and so on.. I flashed these simple rules on my Jumbotron in between songs, and in the intro. I had (16) 30” road cones to keep people of the lawns, and installed a second 4 camera security system to just watch the road and others driveways. Due to some idiots, my neighbor sent my wife a text that they are tired of the loud music. I jumped up put on my jacket and went outside, no loud music...he approached me at the donation box after the show, he’s a 6’ large corrections officer and he came hard, telling me my “response took too long and was not acceptable”.. we raised our voices and I went inside and said SCREW IT, IM DONE! Shut it down and the next day took 1/2 down and boxed it up. I planned to sell it all! My wife and kids begged me to keep it go8ng and not to give up. Wife told me to telll neighborhood to f* off and if the noise is bothersome call the cops.. but, my county has no noise ordinance.

After long thought, I went and approached a small zoo 4 miles away. The manager was excited, loved the idea, and said he immediately said yes, he even said they will plan for an event in the middle of each night like a a Tiger Feeding..”everyone goes nuts for that” he said... now I need to do a layout that spans 6-8 square acres.. granted my pixel show will be in one area, my (20) p10 panel matrix will be at the front next to a table where we will take donations and pass out twinkle glasses to kids. I plan to icicle the buildings, use projectors from trees to color the ground and large open areas at intersections of the paths.

I have so many questions on how do I? I don’t know where to begin.
All paths are lined with triple split-rail fence, since it’s not decorative wood I can use a staple gun..
I plan to wrap 1-2 rails, leaving the top rail untouched to people are less likely to touch or pick at.

The manager said the zoo could give me a portion of the gate charge to buy more lights next year..
He mentioned whimsically they would charge $7 a head. A normal day is $13. We will only run fri and sat from
6-9p, and the 4 nights before Christmas.  I have already spent $1100 on regular lights, got over 20,000 on the end of season clearance, in September they would have cost $4k kto $5k. I haven’t placed my big pixel order, my Boscoyo order, besides the ancillary items on amazon/ebay which is easily another $4k-$5k...
Is $7 a person reasonable? County is pretty poor, but they do zombies at the zoo and it’s a giant hit..
Since it is bigger and I need to buy more, what would be a reasonable portion of the gate? 40%, or $3, or maybe even just $1..

Lastly how should I break down my layout to be so diverse? I do have a Renard TR24 so I can control a lot of LED lights but mini-incans will need their own power. Has anyone used the WiFi controller outlets to turn on props? I thought maybe then I can control power in remote areas, power on and off only. I want to locate a more powerful wife access point to cover the entire zoo. Any recommendations?

I am going to use a lion king mixup I heard.. and have ALL my songs, even from previous seasons.. just a very long loop..

Any input, advice, lessons learned from doing dispersed public venues would be appreciated...
Thanks in advance,

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Re: Moving to a larger venue..
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2018, 06:35:37 AM »
Talk with Sean and Dave Pitts. They went to Arizona and visited the guy there with a huge layout and how he configured his display of LEDs and Pixels and LOR AC lights.

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Re: Moving to a larger venue..
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2018, 01:03:36 PM »
You might also touch base with Al Gerdes who manages a large drive thru show in a city park.
Jim Nealand
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Re: Moving to a larger venue..
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2018, 01:26:15 PM »
You might try talking to the guys here:

They are active members of the lighting community and worked on the project JonB is talking about.